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Ease On Down AMiable Productions!

C’mon and ease on down the road! That’s what middle schoolers at Northwest Jackson Middle School will be preparing to say during their rendition of the famous musical The Wiz.

The Wiz tells the classic story of the popular Wizard of Oz, about a young girl who gets swept away into a mysterious and magical world. She’s accompanied by a talking Scarecrow, a Tin Man, a cowardly Lion, and her dog Toto, all while trying to make her way back home. During the audition process for the film, there were many students who showed up to be a part of this spectacular production. Now that they have their all-star cast, they have been preparing to give the audience a magnificent performance, with a colorful set and vibrant costumes. This is a performance that no one should miss. The Wiz is set to be on May 19th at Northwest Jackson Middle School.

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