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3.2.1. Action! 2022 Film Festival

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! The 3.2.1. Action! 2022 Film Festival was an amazing event, held on March 25th at the Jackson Convention Center Complex. The event was composed of several schools in the Jackson, Mississippi area. Schools such as Callaway, Forest Hill, Provine, and Wingfield High School participated in the film festival. Each school location was responsible for creating a short film, whether it be a group effort or individually. All school year, each campus had an instructor that taught and guided the students when making these short films.

After seeing the amazing work these students produced, we were also blessed to be in the presence and to hear encouraging words from scriptwriter David Bush. Bush wrote scripts for films such as Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) and Ma (2019). It was refreshing to receive positive feedback on the short films made by our young scholars.

Bush was very impressed with everyone’s work as well as their scripts. There were many different genres of films made by our scholars, including horror, inspirational, and drama.

Overall, each campus was able to talk about their short films and the process it took to make them. There was even a red carpet for everyone to take pictures on, with a DJ and food. It was a successful event, and each student got a chance to shine through their work in front of their loved ones, which made this event even more special. As parents watched their child’s work on the big screen, many stressed the growth this program had on their children. This was the first film festival to be held by Amiable Productions. We know that next year’s 3.2.1. Action! Film Festival will be even better.

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